Hydrate Our Muscles Today!

As the title says it all, we are humans and our human body consists of up to 60% water. While we workout, or even rest, we tend to lose water at any moment of time. Additionally, with the weather climate such as hot weather, we lose even more water and may waste your efforts that you put in your workout!

As world class athletes, dehydration is one enemy to fear. Early signs and symptoms include sudden dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, and cool skin. When signs and symptoms occurred, it could lead to a lack of urge to pee without noticing. Remember the time when you were working out or out hiking, and you haven’t peed in hours before?

Forgetting your water bottle at home before leaving for the gym means leaving your muscle gains at stall due to poor gym performance. Great amount of energy comes from hydrating well, not only your food diet. Researchers have shown that when muscle cells are not fed with water, protein production can slow down and protein breakdown speeds up. So make sure you have many post-it reminders around the kitchen or on your gym bag!

Therefore, a timely reminder is needed for us to take a short rest in between sets to hydrate up! or Grab that bottle and throw into your gym bag! Never skip that sip from now!

Author of Our Fitness Lives,